We produce small hydro turbine of crossflow (or banki) and pelton type.

Cross-flow turbines, suitable for drops between 2 and 30/50 m and significant water flows (from 5 to 100 l/s), have the capacity to keep their efficiency almost constant with flows varying from less than 35% to 100%.

Our Pelton turbines are suitable to higher drops, between 30 and 500m, and water flows up to  30/40 l/s.

Our turbines are designed and built to adapt to the different flows/drops and thanks to the integration of GFA generators are very compact.

The structure, completely in aluminum, completely eliminates problems coming from rust; the generator completely integrated in the structure and directly on the turbine shaft is designed for maximum turbine efficiency.

The turbines are produced in different sizes and different powers varying from less than 100 W up to 10 KW.