We produce an innovative system that can generate electricity using the energy that is normally lost lost by braking the descent of a load on a lifting means.

In fact, a weight would tend to fall accelerating 9.8 m per square second, then any lifting system must use some energy to hold the weight from accellerating and making sure that the descent is at controlled and constant speed.

Our system detects the the lift system motor’s rotation speed and absorption, and connects our super-efficient generator as soon as it is detected that the system is moving in favor of weight (for example when the load of a crane in real time is going down).

In this way the energy that would otherwise be lost, and in many cases the energy that would be used to brake, are converted into electricity that is sent into the grid.

The data measured in the installations, show a production of 4/5W per kg of weight.

Furthermore, in many applications, like i.e. in elevators, the position of the motor and the switchboard (often at roof level) allows easily the connection of other renewable sources, like PV or wind turbines.